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Related article: Affairs of the Heart - Chapter 13 Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi Legal Disclaimer: This story is fictional and not meant to reflect upon or imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, of if such material is illegal to view in your area, then you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story. This story is copyright �2001 by Jayson Colin Vascardi. All rights reserved. Email: If you don't use the above email link, please remember to include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered. ICQ: 53886549 AOL IM: JCVascardi Previously A mysterious woman in black, wearing a heavy black hooded cloak, shows up at the cemetery and mourns at Donald's grave for a short time, before replying, "They all think I'm dead. But soon enough, they're know that I am very much alive. I just had to wait for the right time to come back, and now that Donald is dead, it's the perfect time." The woman pulls the hood of her cloak a bit tighter around her face, due to the chill in the air, and heads off down the gravel path to her restored classic car, a silver 1915 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. Diana Smith sits alone in the library of the Smith Mansion, looking through old photos as she goes down memory lane. She thinks about the death of her mother, Katherine Winthrop-Smith, when she was only a year old, and just how happy the family had been two weeks before, when they posed for the annual Smith family portrait. Eventually, Lance comes in, much to Diana's surprise, without Brian. Diana had until now just assumed that Lance and Brian were joined at the hip, because they seemed to always be at each other's side. Lance laughs at this comment, and explains that Brian wanted to talk to Kevin alone. Diana and Lance start talking, at first about Brian and Lance's relationship. Then the conversation turns towards Justin, and whether or not Lance knows if Justin is gay. Diana and Lance in turn start plotting to set Justin up with Seth and Bruce Hall. Kevin and Mrs. Lansbury are upstairs in one of the bedrooms, feeding Jeremy and Jordan. Kevin comments that Mrs. Lansbury is very good with children, and she replies that she's had a lot of experience. Kevin in turn finds out how it's possible for Mrs. Lansbury, a seventy-one-year-old woman, to be a great-great-grandmother. The mysterious woman in black shows up at the Smith Mansion, using the Northeastern Gate, since nobody has used that gate in several years due to it's distance from the main house. She goes into the old foreman's house, where she removes her cloak, and considers building a fire in the fireplace, but decides against it. Eventually, the identity of the mysterious woman in black is revealed: Katherine Winthrop-Smith. Its also revealed that she will not be a happy woman if the rumors she's Nude Preteens heard that her son Ashley is gay turn out to be true. Chapter 13 Diana Smith, who has always been a somewhat light sleeper, is awoken as usual by the midnight bells of the mansion's bell towers. Diana was just about to fall back to sleep when the bells rang for the twelfth time, when she hears a soft tinny tune coming from across the hall. Wondering what it could possibly be, Diana gets out of bed, grabs her robe, and heads out into the hallway. The music is coming from Donald's old bedroom, and as Diana walks in and turns on the light, she realizes where the music is coming from, and quickly walks over to her mother's old vanity table. What she finds there is quite unsettling. The tinny tune is that of Katherine's favorite music box, a very fancy crystal box which plays the first movement of Piano Sonata op. 27-2, more commonly known as Moonlight. Next to the music box lies Katherine's gold-handled hairbrush, which has strands of black and blonde hair in it's bristles. The scent of lavender fills the room, and a large cut-glass bottle of lavender perfume sits on the vanity next to the brush. Lavender was Katherine's favorite perfume. Upon sitting down on the vanity's stool, Diana finds that it is still warm. Perhaps most unsettling of all, is the presence of Katherine's robe laying at the foot of the bed. The covers on the right side of the bed turned down, as if someone had been in here preparing to go to bed. The reason that it is all rather unsettling to Diana is because she knows that Donald always slept on the left side of the bed. She also knows that all of Katherine's clothing, and most her of personal effects had been packed up and stored in the attic after she died, because Donald couldn't bare to look at them. The only thing that had remained in the room was the music box, which Donald had given Katherine on her birthday, the year before she died. Diana stands up and walks over to the bed, quickly making the bed, before picking up her mother's pink silk robe. Diana in turn walks over to the closet, figuring that she'll just hang it up there until the morning when she can return it to the box in the attic. However, when Diana opens the closet door, she can't help but gasp, and in turn scream, "Ashley! Zachary!" at the top of her lungs. Within minutes, Ashley and Zachary are racing into the bedroom, with Brian and Lance hot on their heels. Kevin is nowhere to be found, but soon the crying of Jordan and Jeremy can be heard, and Diana can only assume that her screaming woke them up, and Kevin in turn went to tend to them. "Diana what's wrong?" asks Ashley. "I'm a light sleeper you know," replies Diana. "Yes, we know," replies Zachary, as he cocks his head for a moment as he smells the scent of lavender, "But what's wrong?" "The midnight bells woke me up," begins Diana, "and after they rang for the twelfth time, I was about to go back to sleep when I heard soft music playing. It was coming from in here. It was mom's music box, the one dad gave her on her birthday, the year before she died." "It was playing?" asks Ashley, somewhat confused as to Nude Preteens how it could play without someone first winding it up. "Yes. And then of course the room, it smells like lavender, mom's favorite perfume," replies Diana, as Ashley notices the scent for the first time, and nods, "And there on the vanity table is mom's bottle of lavender perfume, and her hairbrush. And it has strands of black and blonde hair in it." Ashley and Zachary walk over to the vanity table, and notice, just as Diana had said, that the brush and perfume bottle are right there were they always had been before they were packed up and stored in the attic seventeen years ago. "And when I came in, I also noticed that the bed covers on the right side of the bed were turned down, and mother's robe was laying at the foot of the bed," replies Diana as she holds up her mother's pink silk robe. "How did that get down here?" thinks Ashley aloud, Nude Preteens "Oh well, we'll just put it back upstairs in the attic with all mom's other clothes in the morning." "We can't do that." "Why not Diana?" asks Zachary. "Because I thought the same thing," replies Diana, "So I went to the closet, figuring I'd hang mom's robe up until morning when I would then put it back in the attic. And look what I found!" Ashley and Zachary walk over to their sister, and look into the closet, and they both gasp, as Brian and Lance come up from behind them to see what everyone is looking at. There in the closet, instead of Donald's suits, tuxedos, sweaters and such, are all of Katherine's old clothes, hung up neatly as if they had never been moved. Ashley instinctively walks over to the other side of the room and opens the other closet to find Donald's clothes hung up as they should be. However, everything of Donald's that had been hanging in the closet now containing Katherine's clothes, is now thrown into a pile on the floor of this one. "Diana why did you do all this?" "Me?!" screams Diana, "Ashley why in the Hell do you think I did this?!" "Well, you found it!" "I swear to you I didn't do it," replies Diana, "But that does raise the question of who did do it. Ashley? Zachary?" "Don't look at me," replies Zachary, "I didn't do it. I've been in bed since 10 and Ashley can confirm that." "Yes, Zach and I have been in bed since 10," replies Ashley, "And we can of course eliminate Lance, Brian, and Kevin from suspicion." "Yes, they wouldn't have any way of knowing where all of mother's belongings were stored," replies Diana, "And even if they did, they don't have keys to the attic door. Neither do Seth and Bruce, they returned all of their keys to this house when they broke up with you Ashley." "So, I guess that leaves Kerr, Scott, and Mrs. Lansbury," replies Ashley, "But I can't imagine any of them doing this." "Can't imagine us doing what?" asks Kerr, as he walks in with Scott, Mrs. Lansbury following them. "Sorry I didn't come in sooner," replies Mrs. Lansbury, "I came running as soon as I heard Diana screaming, but I headed for Kevin's room when the babies started crying, figuring he might need some help. What's wrong, Mistress Diana?" "Look on the vanity table, and in my mother's old closet, and take a good whiff of the air in this room, and you should know the answer to that." Kerr and Mrs. Lansbury realize what's wrong almost immediately, though Scott, of course doesn't. Kerr whispers in his ear for a few minutes, to explain it to him, before he nods in understanding. "Well, I didn't do it," replies Kerr, "While it's true I have a key to the attic, I don't have it with me. My key ring with all the keys for this house are laying on Ash's computer desk back in his apartment in New York." "And I certainly would never do such a thing," replies Mrs. Lansbury, as she looks at Kerr, Ashley, Zach, and Diana, "I loved Katherine like a daughter, and I love all of you like my grandchildren. Last thing I would want to do is cause any of you pain." "Well, if none of us did it," asks Ashley, "Then who did?" ---- Nobody in the room sees the eyes in the painting of Katherine Winthrop-Smith above the fireplace mantle blinking, as Ashley asks, "Then who did?" "Tomorrow, my son," replies Katherine under her breath as she closes the little door which allows one to look into the master bedroom through the portrait's eyes, as she leans against one of the secret passage walls, "Tomorrow you will know who did it." --- Nick lies in the bed that he shares with JC, Nude Preteens in deep thought. He has been thinking a lot lately Nude Preteens about coming out of the closet. That is to say that he's been thinking about telling the world that he's gay, and madly in love with Joshua Scott Chasez. Nick is already out of the closet with his closest friends, management, and his family, but he is beginning to get tired of hiding this facet of his life from the fans, and constantly having to pretend that he's straight. It causes a lot of unwanted stress to always have to act straight in public, when all he really wants to do is be able to hold JC's hand in public, or to answer yes to the popular interview question, "Are you dating anyone?" and in turn tell everyone who he is dating. Like any young person in love, Nick wants to shout it from the rooftops that he's in love with JC. Nick's thoughts are interrupted when JC comes into the room and lays on top of Nick, as the pair begin to kiss each other with a passion that neither of them had ever known in any relationship that they had had previously. Both Nick and JC had had other boyfriends, and girlfriends, but they both can honestly say that this relationship is nothing like any of their previous relationships. The mutual love and admiration that Nick and JC share, and the immense passion, is like nothing that either of them would have thought to be possible. Until they got together, they never thought that it was possible for two people to love each other as completely and unconditionally as they love each other.As their kiss ends, JC rolls off of Nick so that he's laying next to him, and starts running his hand gently through Nick's blonde hair, "What are you thinking about?""Nothing in particular," lies Nick, having not mentioned his desires to come out to the world to JC, because he's not sure if Nude Preteens JC is ready for that."I know you're lying, I can tell," replies JC, "So, come on Nick, baby, what were you thinking about?""Well, okay," replies Nick, "I've been thinking a lot lately about coming out of the closet. I mean to the fans."JC remains quiet for a moment, before he moves onto his side and looks into Nick's eyes for a moment before replying, "Well, why haven't you done it yet?""Well, Josh, I wasn't sure if you were ready," replies Nick, "Because if I come out to the fans, I'd also want to tell them how much I love you, and that we're together. I love you so much Josh, and I really hate having to hide that love as if it's some deep dark secret.""Well, Nick, if you want to tell the world about us," replies JC, "Go right ahead. I'm totally ready. If the fans don't like it, that's just too damn bad, because I'm not ashamed or anything. I love you with all my heart and all my soul. If there's anyone who can't understand that, then they can just go to Hell for all I care.""You mean it?" asks Nick, as he turns on his side and looks intently at JC's handsome face."Of course, Nick," replies JC, as he pulls Nick into a brief kiss, "Now, how about we fool around for a little while?""What exactly did you have in mind?" replies Nick, seductively."Well, first of all," replies JC, "We're both way overdressed.""No problem," replies Nick, as he stands up and begins to strip off his clothes.JC smiles at his boyfriend, enjoying the show, as he too stands up and begins removing his clothes. Once both JC and Nick aren't clothed, Nick lies down on the bed, and JC straddles Nick's waist, as he leans down and kisses him passionately on the lips, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths. JC continues to kiss Nick for several minutes, before he breaks the kiss and licks the tip of Nick's nose, before he begins to suck and nibble on Nick's left earlobe, a place which he knows is one of Nick's most sensitive areas. Nick moans in pleasure as his boyfriend sucks on his earlobe, totally enjoying the experience.Nick suddenly pushes upward on JC, and as JC looks down at Nick's face, he sees worry and fear printed all over it, which causes him to ask, "Nick, baby what's wrong?""I just thought about something," replies Nick, "How will the other guys, not to mention management, react when we tell them that we plan to tell the world about us?"JC thinks for a moment, knowing that this was a good question indeed, a question which he himself wasn't exactly sure of the answer, "Well, if they don't like it, that's tough. They'll just have to understand where we're coming from, because they should be able to see how hard it must be for us to sneak around and keep our love hidden as if we were doing something wrong. We're not doing anything wrong, Nick. There's absolutely nothing wrong with two people loving each other.""Yeah, I know that our love isn't wrong," replies Nick, "Our love is so beautiful to me, there's no way something so beautiful could be wrong. Oh Josh, I love you so much, is it so wrong that I want to be able to tell the world that?""No, of course it isn't wrong, Nick," replies JC, as he kisses Nick again, "There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. And whether or not the other guys or management supports us, it's still our decision to make.""I love you, Josh, I love you and I always will.""I know Nick," replies JC, a bright smile on his face, "And I'll always love you too."----The next morning at eight, the Smith family, Seth, Bruce, Scott, Lance, Brian, and Kevin are gathered around the dining room table eating breakfast. Jeremy and Jordan lay in their basinets, which were moved down here so that Kevin could keep an eye on them, sleeping peacefully. Mrs. Lansbury comes into the dining room from the kitchen, smiling brightly as usual, and refills everyone's coffee cups, before placing the silver coffee pot on the dining room sideboard. Just as she was abo
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